First of all - I do not have an will never send SPAM MAILS from my mail account In the last days and weeks I received more than 200 mails which came back from mailservers or postmasters regarding 'not deliverable mails' > back to sender - mails that never left my mailserver or which were sent from my side.

After having checked with my provider, the used mailserver is safe and not there is no open relay, so the SPAM MAILS come from another part of the internet where I have no influence. That's not good, but I have no possibility to change this matter, even though I have not the know-how and financial resources to get rid of these idiots who use may name for their let me say bullshit. I'm sorry for any SPAM-MAIL which will reach you - if there is not or stated as sender, you might cancel the mails - it's only data rubbish

Best regards and have fun doing useful things with the opportunities of the WWW



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